Thursday, December 16, 2010

Autobiographical Collage Paintings

Since moving to The Falcon Academy of Creative Arts, I am also overjoyed to spend one period per day at Field High School teaching a basic Art One class.  Recently, I challenged my students to a painting project that made a statement about themselves.  They were to gather six to eight items that told me something about themselves.  The items should contain two objects with a lower level of difficulty in painting, two with a medium level and two that would be pretty difficult for them to try and paint.  We have been learning color theory through mixing paints, as well as tinting and shading.  Students are trying to match the proportions of their autobiographical collage on their canvas as well as the color of items.  The paintings below are about halfway through this process and I am thoroughly impressed.  It is amazing to see what they have been able to accomplish with some patience and some demonstrations on my part of how to manipulate paint and brushes!

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