Friday, June 10, 2011

That's All Folks!

Words cannot express what this inaugural year has meant to me as the art teacher of this arts integrated school.  It has far exceeded my expectations.  I am overcome with emotion with where we were when we started this process, where we are now, and what hopes I have for our building in the future...  With all that being said, in my six years of teaching this may be one the most touching gifts I ever received at the end of the year.  

It should come as no shock to me that we are educating our children in a way to be innovative, earth-friendly, problem-solvers.  These are skills that will last them a lifetime.  The memories we made here this year will last me a lifetime.

Thank you students for what you have taught me..... and I hope to see you in the fall! 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Helping out Mrs. Adelman's class!

Students in Mrs. Adelman's third grade art class completed this end of the year tarp painting on their classroom tarp that each class uses in morning meeting.  Mrs. Adelman loves the work of Wassilly Kandinsky and so divided the tarp into 25 equal sections so that her students could each complete their own space that they normally sit on during our morning announcements.  Her plan now is for the children to cut the tarp apart and have something to remember their school year by.  This activity lent itself to the integration of math and arts as we looked at color theory and Kandinsky's reasoning behind his famous concentric circles piece.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Celebrating success at the end of the year!

As the year winds down, we are experiencing success in all areas of creativity!  Last week FACA chorus students put on two stellar performances of School House Rock Junior.  Because I was not able to witness any of their rehearsals (I was working with non-choir students on the backdrop, props and costumes) I was blown away by the final production.  I had chills as I saw the exceptional talents of our children through acting, dancing and singing.  Congratulations students and Mrs. Goldman on a fantastic performance!