Sunday, September 9, 2012

Thank you....

Saying goodbye to FACA…

Three weeks after turning in my resignation to The Falcon Academy of Creative Arts, words can’t begin to express all that I will miss about this magical place.  To be able to experience all that I have throughout the past two years with the establishment of this school, and educating through an arts based curriculum is extraordinary.  I want to address the following groups of people and offer my sincerest gratitude for all you have done for me personally.  The FACA Board members, The FACA PTA, The Field Local School District, the wonderful families of this community and lastly, the staff and students.  The memories I am left with are unmatched as I believe so strongly in the vision of what takes place within these four walls each day.  The small learning environment complied with the selfless dedication of the teachers and the unique talents and individuality of the students make for a highly creative, engaging and well-rounded atmosphere.  I will continue to support The Falcon Academy of Creative Arts, root for its success, believe in all it sets out to accomplish, and remember it fondly as a place that shaped me, made my life richer and blessed me with many heart-warming moments where children experienced the empowerment that comes with the freedom of creation.  Thank you.  I will never forget….

Please feel free to contact me in my next adventure at my new spot…


  1. I love your art. I'm a 6th grade teacher in Salt Lake City, Utah and I want to do your silhouettes with my students. I'm kind of confused on how the actually got the cutout. Did they lay on the cardboard and have someone trace them or did they just trace something that they love to do?

    Here's my email if you would like to respond that way.

  2. Hi Robyn,

    Like Kristen above I am really keen to do your silhouettes with my students. I am a Year 7 teacher in Australia and I love your art blog. I am also confused on how the students got the cutout of themselves. My email is if you would like to respond that way.

    Many thanks,