Saturday, September 24, 2011

School Wide Outdoor Installation


After completing the indoor ceiling tile project with the students last year and feeling better about the inside of our building, my goal this school year is to take on the beautification of our grounds outdoors!  I have been researching large outdoor sculptures and really like the appeal of the one above (by Bruce Gray) although this is not an outdoor one.  In my exploratory arts class this year, I am making it a goal that by the end of the school year every child will have contributed to the construction of a large, colorful, abstract, outdoor sculpture.  Anyone that would like to lend their talents in the construction of something like this (someone with talent in construction or woodworking) please let me know if you be willing to help.  Likewise, if anyone has scrap material from job sites that can withstand the outdoor elements (wood, tile, metal, wire, etc) and would like to donate it to our project that would be thrilling!  As always, thanks for all of the support in making our school a wonderful place to educate young children!

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