Friday, January 6, 2012

Starting the new year off with a bang!

  Whew!  What a fast and furious start to the new year and second half of the school year!  Just before Christmas break our art program was blessed with a brand new Bailey table-top slab roller, great for enhancing our ceramic-building opportunities!  Thanks to my wonderful husband, we were able to assembly it quite quickly and start using it!  Because of our new equipment, I have found myself quite behind on updating our blog, taking photos of student’s working and changing displays in our building.  Every spare moment I have been pulling students in small groups to start building personal mugs using our slab roller.  Mrs. Walker, one of our fourth grade teachers has been lending her pottery expertise as well.  She is quite accomplished in creating mugs and teapots through hand-building with clay and a slab roller.  My goal is to use small group instruction and build a mug with every student in the school over the coming weeks.  This may lend itself to very special fundraising opportunity if all goes well in the spring on our ART ROCKS night, a night to celebrate the visual arts!

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  1. Hii! I am an art teacher as well and I really enjoy the projects your students make! I was just wondering what clay do you use for your sculpture projects? Thanks!